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Tharsus - Headline Sponsor

A product-partner for the emerging and increasing numbers of product owners looking to solve the automation challenges set by industry 4.0.  

We support the creation of Advanced Machines and Robots (AMRs) that have the potential to not only transform their organisation and the way they operate, but to disrupt and revolutionise their entire sector. 

Tharsus is both design service provider and manufacturers. We are partners to product-owners, aligning and orchestrating the complete life cycle alongside our customers and supply chain. We are world class manufacturers building and delivering exceptional quality AMRs at scale.

Long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers are the focus of our relationships. Tharsus navigates and guides customers through every stage of the product development journey, from agreeing the commercial concept for their AMR, through feasibility research, design, testing, prototyping and onto volume manufacture.

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​The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS)

The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) is a not-for-profit specialist in digital engineering capability. As a trusted and neutral provider, our vision is to be the recognised, independent, digital test bed for the design of high value engineering products and processes. 


Sundance specialise in design, manufacturing, and testing of electronics modules based on a leading-edge multiprocessing technology. The advances in silicon technology have come to a level where more integration does not result in better performance per CPU, so the requirement for multiprocessing in any Image/Vision application/appliance is now the only option for future portable and low-cost systems. Sundance has in-house manufacturing equipment for electronics board and full test facilities. We run an ISO9001 Quality System to monitor the process, held since 1999.

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is involved in a range of AI and autonomous robotics activities, in simulated, virtual and embodied forms, applied to domestic, industrial and first-response scenarios and controlled through varying degrees of human interaction and autonomy, designed and demonstrated in our state-of-the-art robotics laboratories.


Robosynthesis offers a flexible, robust and cost effective modular robotic delivery platform. Our patented universal connector means robots can not only be easily re-configured but also maintained by non-specialist personnel as damaged modules are simply replaced. A growing portfolio of sensors and tools can be deployed on our platform.


The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear (RAIN) Hub is a joint research programme that combines academic expertise with industry experience. Using robotic systems will fundamentally improve productivity and efficiency across the nuclear industry. By working in partnership with industry we are accelerating the rate of technological development.

Pilz Automation Technology

There are no safe robots, there are only safe robot applications. Pilz Automation Technology– a leading supplier of machinery safety products, consultancy, engineering and training – has experience in a variety of industries in helping those designing and implementing robot and HRC cells to make the application safe from the outset.


The Offshore Robotics for the Certification of Assets (ORCA) Hub is a research hub developing Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems for the offshore sector. It brings together five world-class universities - Heriot-Watt University, the University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, the University of Oxford and the University of Liverpool - and over thirty industry partners, who together will revolutionise Asset Integrity Management for cheaper, safer and more efficient production.

Clogworks Technologies

Clogworks Technologies is a Yorkshire company with in-house expertise to design and manufacture carbon fibre unmanned aerial vehicles for professionals. We specialise in delivering high precision engineered UAVs to companies involved in industrial, security and other commercial applications. The Dark Matter® range was developed to offer exceptional flexibility thanks to its modular design, interchangeable configurations, payload options and accessories.

Made Smarter

Backed by some of the world’s biggest businesses Made Smarter is a national pilot scheme designed to boost UK manufacturing across the North West of England.

With advice, insight and grant funding the programme supports manufacturers to implement digital technologies such as 3D printing, AI, VR, sensors and big data.


The Fraunhofer CAP (Centre for Applied Photonics) is a not for profit research and technology organisation (RTO) offering industry a professional research capability in the field of photonics. Photonics is an enabling technology in robotics providing solutions in the areas of structured illumination, sensing, and communication.

Spotlight Data

Spotlight Data's interface driven artificial intelligence (AI) platform 'Nanowire' captures, processes, analyses and stores internal and external data. Nanowire provides organisations with search, insights, actionable intelligence and automation from unstructured data sources including enterprise storage, social, open, database, web and image. Nanowire is creating value for government, enterprise and SMEs.

Sensing Feeling

Sensing Feeling makes advanced human emotion sensing products for business using Computer Vision and AI. The capability is a game-changer in the field of Customer Experience, with potentially disruptive applications across multiple sectors including retail, corporate workspaces, education and travel & leisure.

The Oil and Gas Technology Centre

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) aims to become the go-to technology centre for the oil & gas industry. The Centre inspires, accelerates and funds technology innovation, co-investing in industry-led projects that take new technologies from early stage concept through to deployment in the oilfield.

Xi Engineering Consultants

Xi Engineering Consultants are specialists in measurement and simulation. Our diverse experience means we are proficient in applying design optimisation to a variety of sectors, across all physical scales. Our capabilities range from small-scale consumer products to large machinery, with completed projects including everything from robots to critical equipment on aircraft carriers.


Cubica develops world-leading image and video analysis, machine learning / AI and data fusion technology. Its team of 13 data scientists, mathematicians and software engineers apply award-winning expertise to the most complex challenges in rapid timescales. Cubica also provides state of the art image and video analysis and forensics products.


FAIR-SPACE Hub integrates world-class academic and industrial capabilities behind a series of use-inspired research challenges, addressing UK national priorities in orbital manipulators, autonomous planetary vehicles, and robotic support for manned exploration.


SLAMcore develops Spatial AI algorithms for robots and drones. Spun out of Imperial College London’s robotics department in 2016, SLAMcore is funded by top investors including Toyota AI Ventures, Amadeus Capital, SPARX Group, MMC Capital and Octopus Capital.


BotsAndUs is a data-driven robotics and AI company. We believe in humans and robots collaborating towards a better life and more efficient businesses. We believe in a world where robots liberate us from dull, repetitive work so we focus on the things that truly matter. Our mission is to create a fleet of autonomous service robots to work alongside people. Their goal is to drive efficiency across customer service, operations and analytics.

Shadow Robot Company

The Shadow Robot Company is one of UK’s leading robotic developers, experts at grasping and manipulation for robotic hands. Shadow has worked with companies and researchers across the globe, looking at new ways to apply robotics technologies to solve real world problems. They develop and sell the Dexterous Hand, recently used to advance research into AI, and the Modular Grasper, an essential tool for supporting industry 4.0. Their new Teleoperation System is being developed for the AVATAR X space programme (their third space collaboration after NASA and ESA) and can be deployed in nuclear safety and pharma labs.


TRIK is an enterprise drone software designed for structural inspection. It automatically turns drone photo feeds into an interactive 3D model, which can be measured and annotated.
The 3D model created also doubles as a database allowing you to search for photos, draw additional data, detect structural changes and create maintenance projects directly from our platform.

Level Five Supplies

Autonomous vehicle hardware sales and integration services. Whether you’re converting a vehicle, or starting fresh, we can support you. Supplying components including lidar, radar and ultrasonic sensors, processing and storage solutions, drive by wire systems or autonomous R&D vehicle platforms, from 2-seat EVs to 18 wheel HGVs. Click here for more.

Biopharma Dynamics

With our experience in the Life Sciences Industry, we are well accustomed to working in challenging environments. We provide solutions which are as robust as our Quality Procedures and Customer Service as responsive as our automated systems. Offering a flexible and customer focused approach to automation. Click here for more. 

National Oceanography Centre

The National Oceanography Centre’s Marine Robotics Innovation Centre is a community of innovative companies and academics. Providing this community with the support and expertise to be able to develop and bring to market the next generation of technologies to satisfy the challenges of marine environmental exploration, understanding and sustainable exploitation


GMV is a privately owned technological business group with an international presence. Founded in 1984, GMV offers technologically advanced solutions, providing integrated systems, specialised products and services covering the whole life cycle. These range from consultancy and engineering services up to the development of software and hardware, the integration of turnkey systems and operational backup.

London South Bank Innovation Centre for Robotics

The London South Bank Innovation Centre for Robotics was set up in 2015 to develop robotics for inspection, maintenance and repair of infrastructure and industrial assets. We work across the renewables, infrastructure, oil & gas and nuclear industries to deliver innovative solutions in automation for extreme and hazardous environments.

University of Leeds

At Leeds we are driving innovation via a network of more than 100 researchers across multiple disciplines with a shared interest in robotics and artificial intelligence. We are performing world leading research in medical robotics, field and infrastructure robotics, artificial intelligence and enabling technologies for autonomy in robotics.


We are accelerating the evolution of Virtuality (AR/MR/VR) and Robotics (automobile/drone/robot) by developing computer software algorithms classified as Artificial Perception (AP). Read more here.


The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Hartree Centre is home to some of the most advanced computing, data and AI technologies in the UK. Our experts work with industry and the research community to address real world challenges and improve the productivity of people and processes. This stand is shared with Cambium the smarter innovation acceleration experts.


Automata is on a mission to bring the next revolution to manufacturing. We're starting by making robotic automation simple, affordable and ubiquitous. More here.

We're a young, London based robotics company with an exceptionally cool product that is on the next frontier of the technological revolution we're living through. This is what the future is .

Opteran Technologies

We are kickstarting the third wave of AI, heading back to nature to create heterogeneous neural systems that are capable of true autonomous thought and problem solving in uncertain environments. Our products include robust, transparent and efficient solutions for visual navigation, suitable for applications from small drones to driverless cars. Visit


XR is an Intelligent Automation software company delivering AI & automation solutions to Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking & Government. Our software platform creates Digital Experts; really smart software robots capable of tackling complex, cognitive challenges consistently and at scale, including problem solving, optimisation, human to robot collaboration and learning.


D-RisQ develops high integrity automatic verification tools for software and systems.  These tools enable developers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively verify that their software works correctly and supports automated compliance to many standards including DO-178C, IEC61508, ISO26262.  Use of these tools does not require any specialist training and are designed to support existing processes.


SCISYS has over 35 years’ experience in developing high integrity software and AI systems for the Space Industry. Our technology has been built to help scientists understand Mars remotely through the eyes of a rover, using our autonomy and AI systems. Reliability and robustness are critical when physical maintenance is impossible, and uncertainty is high.


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are significant globalised technologies applicable to every sector. The UK’s extensive industrial and academic research base has immense potential to impact on home and global markets. The Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group (RAI SIG) addresses this opportunity enabling UK RAI innovators to connect, access markets and showcase their capability.

Assuring Autonomy International Programme

The Assuring Autonomy International Programme is a world leader in advancing safety through pioneering research. We are leading research, training and standards in the safety of robotics and autonomous systems in order to address the global challenges in assuring their safe introduction and adoption.